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It is our pleasure to introduce you the 1st Kickboxing Open World Cup 2003 that has taken place in Maribor, Slovenia from 18th till 20th April 2003 in the USC Hall ( Leon Stukelj University Sports Centre ), Koroska cesta 130, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia.

The Kickboxing Open World Cup 2003 is being organised by the ZSD Maribor Kickboxing Clubs organisational committee. This is the very same organisational committee that organised 2001 WAKO World Championship in Semi, Light Contact and Musical Forms. Judging from the opinions of the WAKO leadership and the participating national teams, the organisation of the tournament was truly excellent. The above-mentioned committee has already undertaken the organisation of 2004 WAKO European Championship in Semi, Light Contact and Musical Forms.

The Kickboxing Open World Cup is an open tournament, therefore, clubs practising any kinds of martial arts and any associations can enter it. Concerning rules, the WAKO rules will apply to this tournament.

The President of the Organisation Committee:

Milan Grah

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